NapCity napcabs provide travelers with a higher level of privacy and comfort while also providing strong incremental revenue opportunities to host airport locations.

NapCity napcabs allow airports to generate incremental revenue while improving the passenger experience. NapCity napcabs are tailored to the needs of airports and passengers alike. The cabins self-contained design and minimal footprint provide revenue viability in non-traditional spaces. NapCity napcabs are designed to meet the unique challenges and demands of the airport.


The rest industry is growing throughout airports worldwide. Travelers have grown tired of sprawling out in discomfort across chairs and aisles. Today's traveling public is looking for more comfort while in transit. NapCity napcabs provide an unparraleled level of comfort to passengers. For the airport, NapCity napcabs provide a variety of options in cabin styles and configurations.

  • Napcabs require as little as 44 square feet of space! The napcabs are well placed near the gates to offer short walking ways for customers.
  • NapCity napcabs are easy to install without interfering with ongoing airport operations. The units can also be quickly and easily repositioned if needed.
  • NapCity napcabs can be positioned in a variety of ways according to the demands of the airport.

NapCity napcabs

  • NapCity napcabs are operated by NapCity Americas and manufactured by napcabs GmbH.
  • Cleaning, maintenance and service is all organized by NapCity Americas.
  • Operating space inside airport terminals is leased by NapCity Americas.
  • NapCity customers are charged based on the actual time of use.
  • No permanent staff is required onsite.


As owner and operator of the napcabs, NapCity Americas bears the following responsibilities:

  • Manufacturing and customization of the napcabs
  • Transportation and installation of the napcabs
  • Integration of local safety arrangements with host airport
  • Maintenance, cleaning and operation of the napcabs


NapCity napcabs allow the airport to generate incremental non-aeronautical revenues while improving the passenger experience. Offering NapCity napcabs through a revenue share lease model provides several benefits for airport operators:

  • Profitable usage of small space which otherwise has little or no other purpose
  • Additional income that compliments existing concessions program
  • New level of comfort for waiting passengers
  • Higher level of passenger satisfaction
  • Competitive advantage to other airports and hotels


NapCity napcabs are designed to meet a variety of passenger needs. Available cabin customizations include family models and wheelchair accessible cabins. Staying in a NapCity napcab is the most pleasant way to pass layover times between flights. NapCity napcabs offer privacy in clean and tidy spaces.

The following standard configurations can be modified to meet individual requirements.
  • Full bed (l x w: 6.56 x 2.62 ft)
  • Work table (w x d: 2.92 x 2.13 ft)
  • Sound-insulated outer walls
  • Individually adjustable air conditioning
  • Workplace lighting
  • Mirror and coat hook
  • Docking station for iPod and MP3 player
  • Mirror and coat hook
  • Multimedia touch screen (size: 19“)
  • Power outlet and high speed internet connection

Installation and Maintenance
  • Quick and easy installation without interference of ongoing airport operations
  • Installation at the airport organized by NapCity Americas in cordination with airport staff.
  • Simple to reposition by using a standard lifting cart or a forklift
  • Maintenance, cleaning and support operated by NapCity Americas with a local ACDBE service contractor.
  • Dimensions (w x d x h): 5.41 x 8.30 x 8.86 ft
  • Weight: 3086 lbs.
  • Power connection: 230 V or 110 V
  • Watt age: approx. 3.5 kW
  • Internet connection: UMTS, ethernet or other connection
  • Construction: construction materials are flame-resistant


NapCity napcabs feature an attractive design combined with efficient use of space. NapCity napcabs can be quickly installed wherever needed with minimal time and effort. They provide a unique opportunity to generate incremental revenues in otherwise unproductive locations.



In case of an emergency, the napcabs can be opened by the local airport staff. NapCity Americas staff operates a 24/7 hotline for safety support and can control cabins remotely. Each napcab door is equipped with a panic lock. Depending on the local safety regulations, napcabs can be attached to the existing local fire detection and sprinkler systems, connected to the emergency information systems of the airport, and equipped with loudspeakers for evacuation announcements.

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