The person who has everything, doesn’t have this! The world..

The person who has everything, doesn’t have this!

The world is full of chaos. From taking a trip to running your daily errands there is always a time in your day when you wish you could get a bit of peace and tranquility. The one thing that everyone wants these days is their own personal space. Napcabs are your answer.

NapCity napcabs are manufactured by napcabs GmbH in Munich, Germany. They are imported into the Americas exclusively by Mizner Imports. NapCity Americas operates as the exclusive provider of napcabs in all airports within the Americas. For all other commercial applications, Mizner Imports operates as the exclusive supplier of napcabs in the Americas.

Our napcabs can be used in many places for many reasons. Anyplace that people spend long hours has a need for a napcab. Places such as hospitals, train stations or concert venues do not typically have proper accommodations for people and workers to have private space. Hostels, micro hotels and entrepreneurs all over can find use and benefits of napcabs. New industries, green companies, and historical buildings can all utilize the options that napcabs have to offer. With our ability to customize to your specific needs, owning a napcab is an affordable investment that will be appreciated by everyone who uses it.

Hospitals – The scene in most emergency rooms and ICU units are similar. Patients arriving at random times while staying for an undetermined amount of time. Each hospital working as hard as possible to treat their patients with the best care possible. Yet, no one thinks about the patient’s loved ones. Often sitting hour upon hour in bulky uncomfortable conditions. Not willing to leave the patient’s side, family members are often over looked while supporting their most cherished loved ones. Now health care facilities can support the family by offering a private space. Hospitals can now not only care for their patients but care for their families’ needs too.

Progressive Businesses –Innovative business leaders look for ways to increase production from their workforce. While demand and competition thrive, employees continue to work extended hours to get ahead. Astute leaders are looking at data for answers and the research dictates that naps increase production, alertness, improved moods, memory and more. Want to increase production while improving your work environment? Install nap cabins in your workplace and see the difference.

Do you want to utilize space? Do you want to maximize the potential of your work force? Do you want be ahead of the curve? Do you want to promote a healthy lifestyle?

“The expansion of NapCity napcabs to North and South America and the success of napcabs internationally defines our position as a concept leader” Stephen Rosenfeld, CEO

Our napcabs are the most sophisticated, streamlined modules in the world. With limitless areas to place and countless benefits for users, now is time to own your own napcab.


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