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Travelers all encounter many of the same issues within the airport terminal. Air travel is eventful and often long and tiring. Many factors can extend passenger dwell time inside the terminal, including poor weather. Increased wait times leave travelers fatigued while often craving a little peace and quiet. Many wonder where they can take a nap and often end up on floors, benches, tables and other random surfaces. But what if there was a better way to meet the passenger need and desire to take a nap in the airport?
NapCity napcabs provide the ideal solution for passengers awaiting their departure. The soundproofed cabins provide a private hideaway from airport hectic and noise. Each feature a large bed, enabling travelers to relax and re-energize. Travelers are able to adjust many settings to their preference, including temperature and lighting. The built in desk and charging station can help boost productivity for business travelers. NapCity napcabs provide travelers with the ideal environment for both work and rest.
NapCity napcabs are operated by NapCity Americas and manufactured by napcabs GmbH of Munich, Germany. NapCity Americas is the exclusive provider of napcabs in American airports. NapCity Americas aims to improve the American airport passenger experience through the expansion of airport napcabs. Passengers are already experiencing the comfort of napcabs in Munich and Berlin airports. With NapCity napcabs, American airports can generate new non-aeronautical revenues while increasing passenger satisfaction.
NapCity napcabs are engineered to airport safety guidelines including fire and electrical codes. The napcabs are fire proofed and include fire sprinkler system and electrical integrations. The entire unit is self-sustained, eliminating complexities associated with build out and installation.
For the traveling public, NapCity napcabs deliver a private retreat while waiting in the terminal. NapCity napcabs have everything including a luxurious bed to take that long needed nap. Alongside the comfort and privacy, customers appreciate the simplicity of use. Both business and leisure travelers can realize the benefits of use. Business travelers often rent private space cabins to increase productivity while traveling. Leisure travelers use the napcabs to relax and recharge between their flights. NapCity napcabs are open to all travelers looking for their own private retreat to relax, nap, or work.



NapCity napcabs are custom tailored to the needs of the traveling public. NapCity napcabs are open to all travelers looking for their own private retreat to relax, nap, or work.
  • Booking, check-in and check-out is instantaneous
  • Easy touch screens located on the front of each cabin
  • Charges based on the actual time of use (min. charge applies)
  • Leaving and reentering the cabin for quick trips is always possible
  • After each use, cleaning staff is immediately notified
  • The cleaning staff will thoroughly sanitize and provide fresh bed linens
  • NapCity napcabs allow passengers complete control in personalizing their airport terminal waiting experience.


Oliver LuxenburgerAll passengers have to try napcabs out, they are FANTASTIC!!! P.S. I think I will stay a little longer inside my cabin next time… Ahhhh, wonderful! Oliver Luxenburger

Oliver Luxenburger

Celebrity Radio Station Host, 95.5 Chirivari (Germany)


Napping has health benefits including to improved cognitive function, creative thinking and memory performance.


Each NapCity napcab features a luxurious bed, desk, TV, WiFi, electric outlets and much more!


Booking your private napcab is easy. NapCity booking systems support on site and online booking. Customers can pay using any major credit card and stay by the hour or for up to 12 hours per booking.


NapCity napcabs offer airport passengers an escape from airport hectic and noise. NapCity napcabs are open to all travelers looking for their own private retreat to relax, nap, or work.

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